With C-TPAT Certification, Center Enamel’s GFS Tanks Are Safety And Rapid Customs Inspection


After the US "911" incident, the Customs and Border Protection Agency of the US Department of Homeland Security established the Customs-Commerce Anti-Terrorism Coalition (C-TPAT), which opened and led the implementation and development of global supply chain security management requirements. In order to solve global supply chain security problems and ensure the speed of cargo transportation, international anti-terrorism certification came into being. As a new and effective management method to protect global supply chain security and control risks, international anti-terrorism certification is being paid attention to and recognized by more and more suppliers and manufacturers. Center Enamel Co., Ltd., as the first and most experienced Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks manufacturer and supplier in China, successfully passed the inspection of the third-party authoritative inspection agency and obtained the international anti-terrorism certification, representing Center Enamel not only to achieve production process safety, product quality and safety, but also a company that are in line with international supply chain management security.

International anti-terrorism certification is used to ensure the safety of transportation, safety messages and the flow of goods from the start to the end of the supply chain. Its certification scoring system includes information technology, physical security, access monitoring, program security, personnel security and other aspects, which can ensure the safety of products from the beginning of production to the destination, reduce losses and improve transportation time. Enterprises enhance the competitiveness of the international market.

As the first and most experienced Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks manufacturer and supplier in Asia, Center Enamel attaches great importance to product quality and safety issues, and strictly controls the reliability of products from the aspects of raw material research and development and finished product production. And Center Enamel adopts the most advanced automation equipment in the industry for production and inspection, which can greatly improve production and testing efficiency and can further ensure product quality and production safety.

It is precise because Center Enamel has been strictly managing product quality and production safety for many years, so it scored high in the international anti-terrorism certification scoring system and finally passed the audit. Center Enamel has passed the international anti-terrorism certification, which is equivalent to obtaining a VIP card to the US and even the international market. It not only guarantees product quality and safety and transportation safety, but also greatly improves customs clearance speed, enhances the company's international competitiveness, and enables Center Enamel to get more opportunities in the global market.

In addition to the international anti-terrorism certification, Center Enamel has also passed ISO9001 quality system certification, NSF certification, SGS certification, BSCI certification, and many other international certifications. Through a number of international certifications, it is not only a full affirmation of the quality and safety of Center Enamel but also a high degree of recognition for the professional manufacturing and rigorous attitude of Center Enamel. In the future development, Center Enamel will always adhere to the core concept of “Quality, Innovation, Honesty, and Win-Win” and continue to provide high-quality enamel assembly tanks and storage tank solutions for more customers.


Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks Applications

Irrigation Water Tanks

Potable Water Tanks

Industrial Wastewater Storage Tanks

sludge storage tank

leachate tanks

dry bulk storage tanks

agricultural water tanks

Anaerobic Digester

drinking water storage tanks

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks

Fire Sprinkler Water Storage Tanks

Liquid Storage Tanks

Municipal Water Tanks

Industrial water tank

Process Water Tanks

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