The Perfect Ending For IFAT India 2019


The Perfect Ending For IFAT India 2019

On October 18, 2019, the three-day IFAT India 2019 was completed. The exhibition brought together industry experts, well-known companies and professionals in the fields of water and wastewater treatment industry. As a well-known Glass-Fused-to-Steel bolted tanks manufacturer in Asia, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition and displayed a professional storage tank technology and storage tank solutions, which attracted the attention of many professionals and demonstrated its outstanding strength.

In response to the theme of the exhibition, Center Enamel highlighted the project cases of GFS tanks in the fields of drinking water, industrial wastewater treatment, and municipal sewage treatment. During the exhibition, the people who came to our booth to visit and consult were in a constant stream, and what attracted them was the advantage of our Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks.

For industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater treatment projects, investment costs, installation period, and tank quality are very important factors in-tank options. These goals cannot be achieved with traditional tanks. Our Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank is assembled on-site by special enamel steel plates, stirrups, self-locking bolts, sealants, and other accessories. Compared with traditional storage tanks, GFS tanks have the advantages of convenient installation, short construction period, low cost, high corrosion resistance, free expansion of tank volume, and customizable tank color. The outstanding advantages make GFS tanks widely used as brewery wastewater storage tanks, industrial wastewater storage tanks, and landfill leachate storage tanks.

At the same time, in order to let customers know more about GFS tanks, Our engineerings also answered the problems of installation technology, anti-corrosion treatment and testing technology of Our GFS Tank from a professional point of view. After a detailed introduction, many customers expressed great interest in our storage tank and hoped to maintain communication after the meeting.

Although the IFAT India 2019 has come to an end, Center Enamel is gradually moving towards the high point of the industry. The accumulation of innovation for many years has also reached the stage of harvesting. Now our Glass-Fused-to-Stel tanks are exported to 60 countries including USA, Russia and Australia. Countries and regions have won the trust and recognition of many customers. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to deepen the field of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks, continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously improve the quality of tank technology and GFS tanks, and provide customers with better tank solutions.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks Applications
Biogas Storage Tanks
Irrigation Water Tanks
Potable Water Tanks
Industrial Wastewater Storage Tanks
sludge storage tank
leachate tanks
dry bulk storage tanks
agricultural water tanks
Anaerobic Digester
drinking water storage tanks
Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks
Fire Sprinkler Water Storage Tanks
Liquid Storage Tanks
Municipal Water Tanks
Industrial water tank
Process Water Tanks
Grain Storage Silos
Glass-Fused-to-Steel Bolted Water Tanks
Industrial Effluent Tanks
Emergency Fire Water Tanks
Agriculture Water Tank
Municipal Sewage Storage Tanks

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