Strengthen yourself in an epidemic situation! The 34.8m high Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank designed by Center Enamel has been shortlisted for the concept award of ten excellent craft design products in shijiazhuang. Stay Strong WuHang.


Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, our people have worked together and united together to start a battle to prevent epidemic without smoke. With the continuous breakthrough of treatment methods, the number of cures continues to rise. We are believed that under the leadership of the party and the state and the joint efforts of our people across the country, the epidemic will be further controlled.

Stay Strong WuHang

However, it is undeniable that the sudden outbreak has left many industries and enterprises at a loss. But the Chinese nation is a self-improving nation. No matter what difficulties we face, we will only become more and more brave. This is true for ordinary people, as is Chinese business. Tian Xing Jian, the gentleman is constantly improving. As the leading storage tanks manufacturer in Asia, Center Enamel Co., Ltd., firmly believes that the crisis of the epidemic is an opportunity for innovation.

Adhering to independent innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the healthy development of Center Enamel. For a long time, Center Enamel has unswervingly promoted the development of leading technologies and comprehensively enhanced the capacity of independent innovation. After more than 30 years of development, Center Enamel has developed a number of new products through technological innovation, taking market development and customer needs as the lead, and achieved breakthroughs in design, technology. Not long ago, the ultra-high enamel assembled tank designed by enamel assembled tank was shortlisted in the Shijiazhuang Top Ten Excellent Craft Design Product Concept Award, which showed that the storage tank product was innovative, functional, beautiful, environmentally friendly, It has reached a leading level in terms of economy and design.

latest company news about Strengthen yourself in an epidemic situation! The 34.8m high Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank designed by Center Enamel has been shortlisted for the concept award of ten excellent craft design products in shijiazhuang. Stay Strong WuHang.  1

The ultra-high Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank has a height of 34.8 meters and a diameter of 7.64 meters. It is used for fire protection engineering of a local enterprise in Indonesia. In response to local fire protection engineering requirements and customer needs, Center Enamel has learned from the construction experience of multiple fire protection engineering projects, leveraged its unique design technology advantages, increased technical research, carried out technological innovation, and designed the storage tank. The design of the tank not only meets local fire safety requirements but also solves a series of problems such as limited floor space. With the successful completion of ultra-high enamel assembled tanks, it marks the birth of a new record for the height of the single tank of Center Enamel and plays a positive role in promoting the development of the storage tank industry.

There is no one that can't be turned upside down; there is no hurdle that can't be crossed. In 2020, for Center Enamel, opportunities and challenges coexist. As the epidemic strengthens itself, Center Enamel will continue to adhere to the core concept of "quality, innovation, integrity, and win-win", and continue to increase the strength of innovation and research and development, so as to continuously promote the advancement of products, services, and technology to provide more customers better products and services.



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