Landfill Leachate Treatment


In our daily life, a large amount of domestic garbage is generated every day. At present, landfilling is still the most important way to deal with domestic waste in most cities in China. In the landfill process, a high concentration of organic wastewater-landfill leachate. Landfill leachate is formed by the moisture contained in the garbage itself, rain and snow water and other moisture entering the landfill, after deducting the saturated water holding capacity of the garbage and the soil cover and undergoing the waste layer and the soil cover.

Compared with common domestic sewage, landfill leachate has complex components, high pollution (high COD, BOD), high ammonia nitrogen concentration, difficult biodegradation, and contains toxic and hazardous substances such as heavy metals, which has always been a difficult problem in the field of sewage treatment. The components of landfill leachate are complex and change with time and place. Therefore, before the landfill leachate is processed in actual engineering, it is necessary to first select appropriate treatment equipment according to the water quality characteristics of the landfill leachate

Most of the equipment used for the treatment and storage of landfill leachate is underground or semi-underground reinforced concrete ponds. Due to the large volume of the leachate storage ponds, there is a possibility of uneven settlement of the ponds, which in turn will be on the wall or bottom of the pond. Cracks occur; and because the leachate contains a large number of solid particles and is highly corrosive, the abrasion of the inner wall anticorrosive material is more serious, and there is a hidden danger of leakage of leachate. With the continuous increase in environmental protection supervision and treatment efforts, early equipment for landfill leachate treatment and storage, such as reinforced concrete tanks, has become increasingly difficult to meet the standards for discharge treatment and ensure the effectiveness of treatment.

Center Enamel Co., Ltd is not only the first Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks manufacturer and supplier in China but also the most experienced Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks manufacturer in all of Asia. Center Enamel Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks engineering & design, product testing and quality system are in strict accordance with AWWA D103-09, OSHA, ISO/EN 28765, NSF61 and NFPA, etc. international standards. Our Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, simple and quick installation, etc. It is suitable for landfill leachate treatment storage tanks.

Aiming at the characteristics of water quality with high metal content and strong acidity in landfill leachate, Center Enamel has improved the corrosion resistance of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks from two aspects. On the one hand, the steel plate of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank adopts the highest-grade enamel to improve the corrosion resistance of the tank. On the other hand, the anti-potential corrosion design is added to ensure the corrosion resistance of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank. The dual anti-corrosion design guarantees the safe use and wide application of Center Enamel GFS tanks in the field of landfill leachate treatment. The following are some cases (parts) of Center Enamel GFS tanks in the landfill leachate treatment project.

Taizhou Landfill Leachate Treatment Project

Government Leachate Treatment Project

Beijing Landfill Leachate Treatment Project

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