Kitchen Waste Treatment Technological And Project Case Reference


Due to food culture and dining habits, the amount of kitchen waste in China is huge. According to the data of "Overview of the Status of Global Kitchen Waste Disposal" jointly released by Tianjin University of Environmental Engineering, the proportion of China kitchen waste in urban waste ranges from 37% to 62%. With continuous improvement, kitchen waste is increasing year by year. Kitchen waste treatment has become one of the issues of widespread concern in society.

Kitchen waste refers to the waste generated in the daily life of residents and food processing, catering services, unit feeding, and other activities, including discarded leaves, leftovers, leftovers, peels, eggshells, tea residue, bones, etc. The main sources are home kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, markets, and other food processing related industries. The kitchen waste has the characteristics of high water content, high organic content, high oil content, high salt content, perishable deterioration, and easy fermentation. Although kitchen waste can provide valuable renewable energy, improper treatment can also cause a series of environmental pollution problems.

At present, the treatment technology of kitchen waste mainly includes landfill, incineration, aerobic composting, feed treatment, digestion treatment and so on. Regardless of the technology, the ultimate goal is to effectively dispose of kitchen waste, maximize the recovery of organic matter in the kitchen waste, and recycle the organic matter.

As a well-known enterprise in the Asian Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank industry, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has won the trust and recognition of customers in 60 countries and regions for its superb technology, high-quality product quality, and perfect service system. The self-developed GFS tank has the advantages of the short construction period, low cost, excellent corrosion resistance, convenient installation, and the capacity of the tank can be expanded at will. It is suitable for the field of kitchen waste treatment.

Center Enamel GFS tank has been applied in the field of kitchen waste treatment for a long time and has many successful cases. In order to promote everyone's understanding of kitchen waste treatment and GFS tanks, this article uses the Beijing Fengtai kitchen waste treatment project as an example.

Project introduction: The Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank designed and produced by Center Enamel was used as the CSTR reactor in Beijing Fengtai Kitchen Waste Treatment Project, which was completed in 2016. After years of operation and use, the storage tank has not been damaged, and the quality and corrosion resistance of the enamel assembled tank has been highly recognized by customers.

Project Location: Fengtai, Beijing

Tank type: CSTR reactor

Tank size: Φ12.22 * 13.2 meters (H) 3 sets

Technological introduction: The CSTR process is an anaerobic treatment technology that makes fermentation raw materials and microorganisms in a completely mixed state. The CSTR process can process raw materials with high suspended solids content. The material in the digester is evenly distributed, avoiding the layered state, and increasing the chance of material and microorganism contact. Through stirring, the organic matter is circulated to the lower part of the reactor and gradually completes the reaction. The process is simple and the cost is low, and it is one of the most widely used anaerobic reactors in the world.

Center Enamel is committed to creating high-quality storage tank solutions tailored to customers. Based on customer needs, the basic situation of the project, and the characteristics of kitchen waste, etc., comprehensive consideration will be given to using appropriate kitchen waste treatment technological to achieve better Treatment effect and produce greater economic and environmental benefits. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to improve its processes and innovative technologies to provide customers with better quality GFS tanks and storage tank solutions.

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