IFAT Munich 2018



Center Enamel was on the IFAT Munich 2018 from 14th to 18th of May 2018.


By this exhibition, we wanted to reach mainly European visitors. While we are pleasantly surprised that there are not only European visitors but quite a some visitors from Turkey, Middle East, South America and Asia . A lot of new business contacts have been established at this fair.


It was a very successful exhibition. If you are looking for a tank solution aiming for the below application, visit our upcoming numerous fairs in the second half of 2018 and the year of 2019. As the leading storage tanks manufacturer in Asia, We will be pleased to provide professional and competitive tank proposals to you.


Center Enamels Glass-Fused-Steel Tanks Application

Anaerobic and aerobic digesters

Drinking water tank,

Various wastewater treatment tanks

Sewage and effluent treatment tank

fire fighting system

Slurry and manure storage tank



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