Highly corrosion resistant Epoxy coated steel tanks as wastewater tank


Highly corrosion-resistant Epoxy coated steel tanks as wastewater tank



Wastewater storage tanks play a crucial role in modern urban and industrial facilities. With the continuous development of urbanization and industrialization, the handling and storage of wastewater have become increasingly urgent. Wastewater tanks are not only a key component of wastewater treatment systems but also play a critical role in addressing natural disasters, emergency situations, and long-term planning. They provide the foundation for sustainable water resource management and environmental protection.


In the selection of materials for wastewater tanks, epoxy-coated steel tanks have garnered significant attention due to their unique performance and versatile applications. Epoxy resin is a high-performance polymer material with excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Its applications extend beyond traditional fields, demonstrating significant potential in wastewater storage.


With over 30 years of experience in tank research, production, and construction, Center Enamel, in collaboration with the world-leading paint and coating manufacturer AkzoNobel, has jointly developed the technology of fused epoxy coating. Epoxy coating is an advanced anti-corrosion coating known for its excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion. Additionally, the epoxy coating technology employs a special construction process - electrostatic spraying, which enhances the uniformity and adhesion of the coating, effectively extending the lifespan of the tank.


Tanks coated with epoxy resin using this technology are not only technologically advanced and cost-effective but also easy and quick to install. The quality meets requirements such as AWWA D103-09 and ISO 9227/ASTM B117. Upon its introduction, it has gained recognition from customers.


Properties of Epoxy coated steel tank

Application Test Standard Result
Coating Color Standard RAL 5015 sky blue Other colors are available
Dry Film Thickness Average Dry Thickness 5~10 miles /125 ~250 microns(internal)
5~10 miles /125 ~250 microns(epoxy primer+ topcoat)
Holiday Test ≥1100V (all panels) Zero-discontinuity at test voltage
Hot water immersion 90 days, 70° AWWA C550-05 Meets/exceeds standard
Corrosion Resistance Salt Spray ISO 9227/ASTM B117 Pass
Impact Resistance ASTM D2794 Pass 160 in-ibs direct & reverse impact
PH Range 3~12  
Abrasion Resistance Adhesion ASTM D3359 Adhesion ASTM D3359
Hardness ISO15184 / ASTM D3363 2H
Chemical Immersion test 50% NaOH, 50% H2S04 Meets/exceeds industry standard
UV Resistance outdoor exposure testing 5 years
Color Stability outdoor exposure testing 5 years



Characteristics of Epoxy coated steel tanks


A. Chemical Properties


Corrosion Resistance


The corrosion resistance of epoxy-coated steel tanks is a key characteristic in wastewater storage. Through in-depth studies of its molecular structure and surface treatment techniques, we can better understand the mechanisms by which epoxy resin resists corrosion in harsh environments.


Chemical Resistance


The chemical resistance of epoxy-coated steel tanks is another crucial consideration when dealing with various types of wastewater. We will delve into its stability against different chemical substances and explore how to optimize its performance to meet diverse environmental requirements.


B. Physical Properties


Strength and Durability


Epoxy-coated steel tanks in wastewater storage require sufficient strength and durability to withstand the diverse working conditions. We will analyze the structural design and manufacturing processes of epoxy-coated steel tanks to ensure their outstanding performance over extended periods of use.


Flexibility in Size and Shape


The manufacturing process of epoxy-coated steel tanks allows for flexible adjustments in size and shape to meet the requirements of different projects. We will explore how to leverage this flexibility and its advantages in adapting to various scenarios and spatial constraints.



Epoxy coated steel tank Coating


Internal Coating


Compared to other available epoxy resins on the market, our epoxy resin is one of the most durable epoxy coatings. Each sheet undergoes high-pressure testing to ensure defect-free performance under testing voltages. The optimal control over the external coating overspray ensures that the internal coating complies with drinking water regulations. The coating undergoes and must pass various types of tests to ensure high performance and compliance with international quality standards. The inner surface is coated with a factory electrostatic powder coating, providing high quality and consistent uniform smoothness.


External Coating


The external coating is a combination of epoxy resin primer and ultra-durable polyester topcoat. The external coating undergoes and must pass various types of tests to ensure high performance and compliance with international quality standards. The formula complies with proper substance control, allowing the coating to achieve the highest global safety and environmental performance certifications.



Center Enamel combines the excellent performance of various tanks to provide customers with solutions composed of diverse equipment combinations. This approach allows us to flexibly meet the needs and requirements of different application fields. Throughout the project construction process, the teams at Center Enamel collaborate closely, actively coordinate, and prioritize each step, conducting rigorous checks at every level to ensure the smooth completion of projects.


From being a leader in the Asian GFS tank industry to becoming a diversified environmental equipment smart manufacturer in China, Center Enamel utilizes crucial core technologies to continuously iterate and upgrade equipment in research and development. This drives the sustained high-quality development of the company in the face of new challenges. Leveraging existing brand advantages, technological strengths, and team capabilities, the company will continue to focus on cutting-edge industry technologies. Adhering to a diversified development strategy, Center Enamel aims to elevate the environmental business to new heights while jointly creating a beautiful picture of green hills and clear waters.




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