Good news! Center Enamel wGood news! Center Enamel won the honor of "small giant enterprise of science and technology"on the honor of "small giant enterprise of science and technology"


Recently, the Science and Technology Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province announced the list of the first batch of small and medium-sized technology giants in Shijiazhuang City in 2019. Center Enamel Co., Ltd. was evaluated by virtue of its technological advantages, innovation capabilities and research and development capabilities. It is “the small giant enterprise of science and technology”. This is another technical content of Center Enamel after winning the honors of “high-tech enterprise” and “Science and technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province”.

Science and technology small giant enterprise refers to the enterprise's core competitiveness through technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation or model innovation in the process of research, development, production, sales and management, providing high-tech products or services with high growth or A technological innovation enterprise with great development potential. It should have a more complete enterprise innovation system, innovative mechanism and its corresponding scientific research investment and independent intellectual property rights brand products.


Center Enamel is the famous production base of enamel assembly pot in China and the birthplace of double-sided enamel of hot-rolled steel plate in China. Over the years, Center Enamel has been adhering to the path of technological innovation, and constantly made new breakthroughs in core technology research and development. At present, Center Enamel has built a perfect system in product design, production process, testing process and service standards, and formed an excellent technical team. Center Enamel technical team is led by national technical experts and composed of high-end technical personnel in the enamel industry, with rich industry experience and professional research and development capabilities. Now Center Enamel has nearly 100 technical patents, technical level, product quality and research and development capabilities are in the forefront of the industry. Its independent research and development production of enamel assembly can exported to 60 countries and regions, many customers trust and recognition.


Center Enamel was awarded as "small giant enterprise of science and technology", which represents that Center Enamel was recognized in terms of technological innovation, operation management and quality service, which is of great significance to further improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the future, Center Enamel will continue to increase investment in research and development, constantly improve innovation ability, enhance market competitiveness, adhere to customer demand as the guide, to promote the progress of the industry, assume social responsibility as the mission, to provide customers with high-quality products and quality services.

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