Frac Water Storage Tanks


Center Enamel is a leading frac water tanks manufacturer with a focus on innovation, customer service, and quality. Center Enamel glass-fused-to-steel tanks and stainless steel tanks provide the quality protection demanded to contain frac water. Frac water storage tanks are used for the storage of frac fluids, brine, or process water during oil field operations. These oil storage tanks are designed to store large amounts of water during hydraulic fracturing, industrial pumping, or other commercial industrial operations. Our glass-fused-to-steel tanks and stainless steel tanks feature unparalleled assembly time, minimal site impact, a long renovation cycle, and straightforward repairs. As the leading storage tank manufacturer in Asia, Our frac water tanks capacity range from 20 cubic meters up to 20000cubic meters.

Frac Water Storage Tanks

Glass Fused to Steel Tanks

Glass-Fused-to-Steel bolted tanks are fusing two materials at 820°C-930°C high temperature to achieve the best properties of both the strength and flexibility of steel and the corrosion of resistance of glass. Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks can provide many advantages over standard epoxy or welded painted storage tanks. Glass-Fused-to-Steel technology is the premium coating technology in the storage tanks market.

Stainless Steel Bolted Tanks

Stainless steel bolted tank is assembled by stainless steel plates, bolts, special sealant, etc. It is an innovation in the installation of stainless steel welded tanks. The tank uses SUS304, SUS316L, and SUS444 stainless steel plates, which meet the OCr18Ni19 sanitary inspection standards and have the characteristics of lightweight, low cost, sanitary and environmental protection.

Our glass-fused-to-steel tanks and stainless steel tanks are in bolted tanks design, which can be arrived at the job site as complete kits including hardware, structure, and accessories and therefore can be built in only 1/3 of the time of other tank designs. Our frac water storage tanks are fished at the factory eliminating the need to coat the storage tank in the field and ensuring a high-quality finish to protect the steel completely from corrosion. With a lifespan of up to 30 years with proper maintenance, our frac water storage tanks offer a lower overall life cycle cost. Our bolted tanks are comprised of replaceable panels and thus maintenance, relocation, expansion and exporting have never been easier.

Our Frac Water Storage Tanks Advantages

Short construction period, cost-effective tank solution

Superior corrosion resistance, service life is more than 30 years

Easy to install, no need for big installation equipment and/or very skilled labors

Tank volume can be easily expanded

It can be dismantled, removed and relocated


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