Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Dome Roofs for Drinking Water Storage Tanks: Enhancing Safety and Sustainability


Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Dome Roofs for Drinking Water Storage Tanks: Enhancing Safety and Sustainability


Drinking water is an indispensable resource for human survival, necessitating stringent requirements for facilities storing potable water. One crucial aspect is ensuring the safety of water quality. In this context, corrosion-resistant aluminum dome roofs emerge as an advanced solution, not only offering outstanding structural performance but also effectively addressing potential corrosion issues faced by drinking water storage tanks.


The aluminum dome roof, also known as the aluminum space grid shell roof, refers to a fully triangular aluminum spatial truss. The support nodes are distributed on the surface of a sphere, and aluminum closure panels are securely connected to the framework structure. Finally, the roof is supported and fixed by evenly distributed support points on the top of the tank.


The aluminum dome roof is a prefabricated and on-site assembled solution with fast construction periods and controllable construction quality. It holds significant importance in improving the lifespan of the tank and reducing construction periods. Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy materials, it boasts advantages such as reasonable force distribution, high rigidity, lightweight, extensive coverage area, low cost, excellent corrosion resistance, and long-term maintenance-free use. With inherent features of truss and thin-shell structures, it exhibits an aesthetically pleasing and artistically expressive design.


Engineered by Center Enamel, the aluminum dome roof complies with API 650 and AWWA standards. It is suitable for exceptionally large tanks without the need for intermediate supports. The roof's design incorporates outstanding resistance to weather conditions, capable of withstanding extremely high wind and snow loads, making it adaptable to diverse weather scenarios.



Load Capacity: 0.75 kPa

Aluminum Bracket Model: 6082-T6

Aluminum Plate Model: 5754-H22/F24

Corrosion Resistance: Excellent, maintenance-free for extended periods

Weight: One-third of the weight of equivalent steel section



Features of Aluminum Dome Roofs

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum dome roofs are crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, exhibiting exceptional corrosion resistance. In comparison to traditional steel structures, aluminum is less prone to rusting due to the formation of a dense aluminum oxide film on its surface, effectively preventing further oxidation. This ensures that drinking water storage tanks remain unaffected by corrosion during long-term use.


2. Lightweight Design

Compared to conventional steel structures, aluminum dome roofs are more lightweight. This not only simplifies the construction process but also reduces the load on the tank itself. The lightweight design provides greater design flexibility, making aluminum dome roofs suitable for various sizes and shapes of drinking water storage tanks.


3. Strength and Stability

The application of aluminum alloy imparts superior strength to aluminum dome roofs, enabling them to withstand various external loads, including wind and snow loads. The stable structural design ensures that the top of drinking water storage tanks remains robust in adverse weather conditions, ensuring water quality safety.


Advantages of Aluminum Dome Roofs

1. Low Maintenance Costs

The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum dome roofs eliminates the need for frequent maintenance during use. In comparison to other materials, there is no requirement for periodic repainting, significantly reducing maintenance costs and providing an economically viable solution for water management.


2. Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

Aluminum is a recyclable material, and the use of aluminum dome roofs contributes to reducing resource waste, aligning with the principles of sustainable development. Additionally, the production and processing of aluminum are relatively environmentally friendly, minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.


3. Compliance with Industry Standards

The design and manufacturing of aluminum dome roofs consider the specific requirements of drinking water storage tanks, complying with industry standards and regulations. For example, they may adhere to the standards of the American Water Works Association (AWWA D108), ensuring compliance with water treatment facility requirements in design and construction.



Aluminum dome roofs find extensive applications in the field of drinking water storage tanks, including but not limited to:


Urban Water Supply Systems


Ensuring the safety of water quality for urban drinking water supply systems, minimizing potential impacts on the lives of city residents.

Industrial Water Usage


Safeguarding the quality and supply of industrial process water, maintaining the normal operation of industrial production equipment.

Emergency Reserves


Serving as emergency reserve water sources, requiring the roof structure to maintain water quality cleanliness for extended periods.



Corrosion-resistant aluminum dome roofs, as a top cover solution for drinking water storage tanks, not only meet the requirements of structural performance but also provide a sustainable and reliable safeguard for the secure supply of water resources. With advantages such as corrosion resistance, lightweight design, and strength, aluminum dome roofs have become a favored choice in water engineering. By adopting this advanced technology, we can better ensure the reliability of drinking water storage facilities, ultimately enhancing societal safety and sustainability.


Packaging and Transportation

Inspection and Confirmation:

Before packaging, carefully inspect each component of the aluminum dome roof to confirm the absence of obvious defects, scratches, or other surface damages.


Isolation and Protection:

To prevent damage to aluminum dome roof components, use suitable isolation materials for packaging. Opt for foam plastic packaging with good cushioning performance to reduce the impact of vibration and collisions on the product surface.


Bulk Covering:

Neatly stack all isolated aluminum dome roof components on pallets, then cover the entire pallet with plastic film. This helps prevent dust, moisture, or other external factors from affecting the product and maintains the cleanliness and integrity of the product surface.


Fixation and Binding:

To ensure packaging stability, use appropriate fixing materials (such as steel straps) to bind and secure the entire pallet. This prevents excessive swinging and vibration during transportation, reducing the risk of surface damage.


Wooden Crate Packaging:

Consider placing the entire pallet and well-packaged aluminum dome roof components into sturdy wooden crates. Wooden crates provide additional protection, preventing external objects from affecting the packaging and offering an extra protective layer, especially during long-distance transportation or adverse weather conditions.



Center Enamel combines the exceptional performance of different storage tanks to offer customers solutions composed of diversified equipment combinations. This approach ensures flexibility in meeting customer needs and application requirements. Throughout the project construction process, Center Enamel's various teams collaborate closely, actively coordinate, and place great importance on each step, implementing layers of checks to ensure the smooth completion of projects.


Transitioning from a leading player in the Asian enameled assembled tank industry to a diversified environmental equipment innovator in China, Center Enamel utilizes key core technologies to continuously iterate and upgrade equipment in research and development. This commitment propels the company towards sustained high-quality development in the face of new challenges. Leveraging existing brand advantages, technological expertise, and team strengths, the company will remain focused on staying at the forefront of industry technology.

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