Center Enamel Was Invited To Attend The Landfill Leachate Treatment Forum And Presented A Technical Report


On September 5-6, 2019, the 6th Landfill Leachate Treatment Forum was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Shenyang city,Xindu Greentown. This forum gathered authoritative experts in the field of landfill leachate treatment. Center Enamel as one of the invited speeches of this forum, published the technical report entitled “Application of Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks in Landfill Leachate Project” by Xu Yunpeng, Process Director. That is a wonderful speech feast with the cutting-edge technology and application advantages of tanks in landfill leachate treatment .

Landfill leachate refers to the water contained in the landfill itself, the rain and snow water entering the landfill, and other water. It deducts the saturated water holding capacity of the garbage and overburden layer and is formed by the garbage layer and the overburden layer. A high concentration of organic wastewater. Because leachate has the characteristics of complex composition, high concentration of pollutants, strong corrosiveness and high electrical conductivity, it will pollute surface water and groundwater without treatment, thus causing harm to the human body and environment. Landfill leachate treatment has always been a very difficult problem in landfill design operation and management. Why is landfill leachate treatment particularly difficult?

At the beginning of the speech, Director Xu first introduced the water quality characteristics of landfill leachate. “Leachate is the product of gravity flow of liquid in a landfill, mainly from the internal water content of precipitation and garbage itself. Because liquid has flow in the process Many factors may affect the nature of leachate, including physical factors, chemical factors and biological factors, which makes the landfill leachate difficult to store and handle."

In response to these problems, Director Xu shared the success projects cases of Center Enamel in the field of landfill leachate treatment in recent years and proposed how to achieve the standard treatment of landfill leachate and the disposal of landfill leachate through the use of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks.

leachate Treatment

The landfill leachate storage and treatment facilities generally use underground or semi-underground reinforced concrete pools. Due to the high content of solid particles in the leachate and strong corrosiveness, the wear of the inner wall anticorrosive materials is serious, and there is a hidden danger of leachate leakage. Therefore, in the landfill leachate storage and treatment project, the enamel assembly tank with strong corrosion resistance, hard surface hardness, good wear resistance and quick and easy installation is very suitable as a landfill leachate storage tank. Enamel assembled cans are made of enamel steel plates, self-locking bolts, special sealants, tank stirrups, accessories (ladders, guardrails, manholes, flanges, etc.). After the enamel steel sheet is sintered at a high temperature of 820°-930°, the enamel will fuse with the surface of the steel sheet to form a strong chemically inert inorganic coating with excellent corrosion resistance. The enamel process is currently the best-applied coating anti-corrosion technology in the steel storage tank market.

Since the landfill leachate contains more than ten kinds of metal ions, the conductivity is very high, which will affect the safety of the tank. Zhengzhong Science and Technology Design Engineer fully considers the high conductivity of landfill leachate and specially designs the landfill leachate storage tank, which not only enhances the corrosion resistance of the tank but also improves the safety of the tank and solves the customer's problems.

Director Xu said that "in accordance with the requirements of the "Code for Design of Industrial Building Corrosion Protection", it is generally used as equipment for the storage of landfill leachate. It requires high hardness of the anti-corrosion coating, high impact strength and high elasticity of the coating." Therefore, in order to ensure the assembly of enamel The quality of the tank conforms to national and international standards. On the one hand, We strictly controls each inspection process, and conducts acid and alkali detection, impact resistance detection, enamel thickness inspection, 1500V electric spark detection and other tests on the storage tank to ensure the quality of the storage tank. . On the other hand, Zhengzhong Technology uses the industry's most stringent quality testing standards to perform multiple quality inspections on enamel assembled cans. The enamel assembled cans have passed the ISO 28765 testing and certification approved by the European Committee for Standardization.

At present, the Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks independently developed by Center Enamel have been widely used in the field of landfill leachate treatment, and many successful projects have been built in many countries and regions such as the United States and Russia. The invitation and publication of the technical report by the organizers of the 6th Waste Leachate Treatment Forum of 2019 is also an affirmation our product quality and technology. Center Enamel also hopes that this technical report will bring more advanced Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank technology and storage tank solutions to the landfill leachate treatment industry, helping more enterprises to solve the problem of landfill leachate discharge.

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