Center Enamel Takes The Best Way To Protect Employees From Coronavirus Disease


Recently, a large number of enterprises across the country have begun to resume work and resume production. Resumption of work and production is the mission, and prevention and control of the coronavirus disease is the responsibility. At present, the coronavirus disease prevention and control has entered a critical period. In order to avoid the risk of cross-infection caused by the resumption of workers, Center Enamel Co., Ltd. strictly implements various prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant government regulations and resumes work in an orderly manner to ensure Employee safety and health.

Coronavirus Disease

The company notified the resumption time in advance and arranged personnel to do the ventilation, cleaning, and disinfection. Disinfection personnel carry out key disinfection of canteens, office areas, dormitories, workshops, and other public areas twice a day and keep records.

All employees must wear masks for protection during work hours, and arrange special personnel for inspection and supervision. In addition, employees are required to wear protective masks when they need to go out after work. Ventilate the home. I and my family should not try to go to densely populated places, keep a safe distance with people, do not shake hands, and do not party.

Coronavirus Disease

Every day the company arranges personnel to register and measure the temperature of employees. When employees enter the company, they line up consciously in accordance with the divided areas, register personal information one by one and perform temperature detection. Only when the temperature is normal can they return to work. All returnees take their temperature twice a day and report it to the government and disease control departments in a timely manner.

The company made a comprehensive reserve of anti-epidemic materials for the resumption of work and ensured that stocks of anti-epidemic supplies such as masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers (soaps), and goggles were stored in the warehouse, and guarded the "big rear" in order to win the epidemic.

To ensure the safety of the dining environment, the canteen is disinfected and sterilized daily. The staff of the canteen should take temperature measurement and other tasks before the post, and wear protective gear uniformly during the work. Employees adopt a decentralized dining mode to avoid gathering meals.

Foreigners should contact and confirm in advance before entering the company. All non-essential situations must be resolved through telephone and WeChat communication. If important customers must be received, they are required to perform registration, temperature detection, and disinfection of foreign vehicles before entering the company.

The Ministry of Administration and various departments cooperate with each other to do a good job in personnel control and environmental disinfection. In addition, the company also posted epidemic prevention banners and slogans at different places in the factory area, spreading prevention and control knowledge to all employees of the company.

The more difficult it is to overcome difficulties, the more we must do our utmost to do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention. The resumption of work is a gradual and gradual process. Center Enamel will never have the slightest slackness. It will take extreme precautions and provide a safe office environment for employees on the job. I believe that with scientific prevention and control and all-member actions, we will surely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and resume production.

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