Center Enamel Appointed Employees To Attend The Training Meeting of China Animal Husbandry Association


In order to further improve the professional skills and comprehensive strength of the company team, promote technical and sales personnel's understanding of the industry, help them learn more industry-leading knowledge, and better improve the company's professional technology and research and development capabilities, December 27, 2019, On the -29th, Center Enamel Co., Ltd., the first glass fused to steel aquaculture wastewater storage tank in Asia, sent technical engineers, sales managers, and other personnel to participate in training sessions on the harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste.

The conference was hosted by the China Animal Husbandry Association. During the three-day conference, personnel from related industries including scientific research institutions, animal husbandry associations, enterprises and institutions, breeding enterprises, and enterprises using waste resources, etc. from all over the country participated. At this conference, a number of authoritative industry experts and academics have brought regulations and policies on the harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste, and animal manure sludge suitable for different regional characteristics and different breeding scales. Special reports on resource utilization and practical experience.

Through this meeting, Center Enamel participants provided a very beneficial learning opportunity, which not only helped them better understand the development of the livestock industry but also improved their professionalism in the harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste The understanding of the knowledge allows them to solve the problem of wastewater treatment for customers with more professional knowledge in future work.

As a world-renowned storage tank solution expert, Center Enamel has always attached great importance to the team's ability to cultivate and improve. In addition to the company's regular seminars and training, it has repeatedly organized employees to go out to study and participate in professional training. The aim is to help technical teams and sales teams to continuously improve their knowledge storage through external training and learning, deepen their understanding of industry development, policies and regulations, professional knowledge, etc., and enhance the company's comprehensive strength with professional technology and perfect services.

In the future, Center Enamel will continue to strengthen training efforts, carry out various forms of training, internal training, and other forms to improve the team's knowledge level and professional skills. By improving the comprehensive capabilities of employees, further improving the R & D level and innovation strength of Center Enamel's product technology, promoting product development to higher quality and creating better storage tank solutions for customers.

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