FDA Glass Fused Steel Tanks for Drinking Water Projects

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FDA Glass Fused Steel Tanks


Drinking Water Glass Fused Steel Tanks

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Center Enamel Has Successfully Delivered Multiple Overseas Drinking Water Projects, Facilitating The Comprehensive Utili


Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise whose main business is the R&D, manufacturing and sales of enamel assembled tanks, environmentally friendly diversified equipment, and the undertaking of environmentally friendly EPC projects and anaerobic process sections. The company's business roofs food waste, landfill leachate, municipal sewage, biogas projects, aquaculture industry, industrial sewage, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other fields. It specializes in providing customers with comprehensive services such as engineering design, equipment R&D and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and engineering construction.
Oriented by innovation, Center Enamel continues to lead the innovation of equipment technology, empowering the research and development technology of enamel assembly tanks into the intelligent manufacturing of diversified equipment, and developing environmentally friendly diversified equipment suitable for various industries. The company has extended its advantages in technology accumulation and resource accumulation over many years to the field of environmentally friendly EPC engineering, and has built an entire industrial chain from enamel assembled tanks to diversified equipment, environmentally friendly engineering, and anaerobic process sections. Relying on advanced R&D technology and high-quality service system, the company has successfully ranked among the well-known enterprises in the environmental protection industry, becoming a leading enterprise in the enamel assembled tank industry in Asia, an intelligent manufacturer of diversified environmental protection equipment in China, and a high-quality service provider for environmental protection EPC and anaerobic process sections. .


Recently, Center Enamel has completed a number of overseas drinking water projects, roofing Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Ghana and other countries. In these projects, ensuring the quality and safety of drinking water is crucial. Customers have very strict requirements for drinking water tanks, which need to meet multiple conditions such as international certification, quality system, equipment quality, brand strength, logistics, transportation and after-sales service. Through technological optimization and innovation, Center Enamel ensures that the equipment pays attention to its safety based on stable operation and complies with international certifications such as FDA, NSF, and ISO quality systems. Stand out among the competition of many global brands and successfully gain the trust of customers. The company provides customized solutions for drinking water problems based on local realities and customer needs, which not only improves the comprehensive utilization of water resources, but also is recognized by customers in terms of equipment safety and quality.

Center Enamel's complete set of environmental protection engineering equipment supply provides enamel assembled tanks, stainless steel tanks, epoxy resin tanks, galvanized tanks, aluminum dome covers, sewage and biogas engineering equipment.


Configuration of Customized Storage Tanks
Storage tanks Volume Roofs Application Design Requirements

GFS Tanks

SS Tanks

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks

Galvanized Steel Tanks






ADR Roof

GFS Roof

Membrane Roof

FRP Roof

Trough Deck Roof

Wastewater Treatment Project

Drinking Water Project

Municipal Sewage Project

Biogas Project

Fire Water Storage Project

Oil Storage Project

Water Supply & Drainage System

Seismic Design

Wind Resistant Design

Lightning Protection Design

Tank Insulation Design


WasteWater Treatment Project Equipment Supply

Pretreatment Equipment Resource Utilization System Sludge Treatment System Other Equipment

Mechanical Bar Screen

Solid-liquid Separator

Submersible Mixer

Gas Holder

Boiler System

Boost Fan

Biogas Generator

Torch System

Dehydration and Desulfurization Tank

PAM Integration Dosing Device

Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine

Slurry Separation Centrifuge

Sewage Pump

Mud Scraper

Submersible Sewage Pump

Three-phases Separator




Relying on its outstanding performance in professional technical capabilities and comprehensive strength, Center Enamel has achieved fruitful results in overseas markets, with customers in 90 countries around the world. The company has made strong strides in the process of "going out", riding the wind and going to sea, and marching towards the world. In the future, the company will continue to focus on innovative technology and equipment research and development, continuously improve the core competitiveness of solutions, clearly set an industry benchmark for Chinese technology to go global, and further enhance the international influence of Center Enamel.

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