Zhengzhong Technology Is Recognized As the Highest Grade A-level of China's Industrial Enterprise R&D Institutions


Zhengzhong Technology Is Recognized As the Highest Grade A-level of China's Industrial Enterprise R&D Institutions


In recent years, Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd. has increased its R&D investment year by year to enhance its own innovation capabilities, maintain high growth, and improve its competitiveness, which has greatly improved the company's R&D technology and equipment innovation. A few days ago, the company added a heavyweight honor and won the "Hebei Province Industrial Enterprise R&D Organization Certificate" issued by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. The technology R&D center of Zhengzhong Technology was recognized as "A-level", the highest level in the province, fully demonstrating the company's scientific research strength and innovation ability. This event has important stimulating significance for the company in terms of technology research and development, company development, etc.


Industrial enterprise R&D institutions are recognized as important work carried out by government departments to enhance enterprises’ independent innovation capabilities and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Enterprise R&D institutions meet the requirements of "Have technical R&D talents, have technical R&D centers, have technical R&D equipment, have technical R&D funds, and have technical R&D projects", and are divided into A/B/C three levels according to the certification conditions, of which A The highest level. After rigorous data review and certification, Zhengzhong Technology meets the A-level certification requirements in various aspects such as R&D organization personnel, R&D organization site, R&D equipment assets, R&D expenditure proportion, and research projects.


Times change, technological innovations. All walks of life in China are moving towards high-quality, high-level, high-standard, and high-demand directions. Zhengzhong Technology will use this R&D organization as an opportunity to continue to increase R&D investment, improve the management level of the technology R&D center, enhance the company’s innovation capabilities, and better provide strong technical support for market development, new product R&D, and personnel training, and contribute to environmental protection. The high-quality development of the industry provides the driving force for innovation.



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