Efficient and Durable: Fast Installation Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs by Center Enamel

Product Details
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CEC TANKS
Certification: ISO 9001:2008, AWWA D103 , OSHA , BSCI
Model Number: J2016012309
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: $5000~$20000 one set
Packaging Details: PE poly-foam between each two steel plates ; wooden pallet and wooden box
Delivery Time: 0-60 days after deposit received
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 60 sets per month

Detail Information

Place of Origin China Brand Name CEC TANKS
Certification ISO 9001:2008, AWWA D103 , OSHA , BSCI Model Number J2016012309
Spark Test: >1500 V Service Life: Over 30 Years
PH Range: A Grade Sheet PH:3-11, AA Grade Sheet PH : 1-14 Coating Thickness: 0.25mm - 0.4mm, Two Coating Internal And External
Corrosion Resistance: Excellent ! Suitable For Waste Water Salt Water, Sea Water, High Sulfur Crude Oil, Salt Fox, Organic And Inorganic Compounds Adhesion: 3,450N/cm
Permeability: Gas And Liquid Impermeable Acid And Alkalinity Proof: Standard Coating Suits For PH3 - PH11, Special Coating Suits For PH1 - PH14
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glass fused to steel water tanks


enamel tank

Product Description

Efficient and Durable: Fast Installation Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs by Center Enamel


In the world of industrial and municipal storage solutions, speed, efficiency, and durability are paramount. Center Enamel’s Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs offer a combination of these crucial qualities, making them the ideal choice for various storage needs. Our tanks are designed for fast installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while providing long-lasting performance.


The Advantage of Glass-Fused-to-Steel Technology

Center Enamel’s GFS Tanks are manufactured through a high-temperature fusion process that binds glass to steel, resulting in a product that combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of glass. This innovative technology ensures that our tanks are both robust and highly resistant to environmental and chemical damage.


As a leading storage tank manufacturer in China. Center Enamel can provide Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) tanks, fusion bonded epoxy tanks, stainless steel tanks, galvanized steel tanks and aluminum geodesic dome roofs, Wastewater and Biogas Project Equipments for global customers.


Configuration of Customized Storage Tanks
Storage tanks Volume Roofs Application Design Requirements

GFS Tanks

SS Tanks

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks

Galvanized Steel Tanks






ADR Roof

GFS Roof

Membrane Roof

FRP Roof

Trough Deck Roof

Wastewater Treatment Project

Drinking Water Project

Municipal Sewage Project

Biogas Project

Fire Water Storage Project

Oil Storage Project

Water Supply & Drainage System

Seismic Design

Wind Resistant Design

Lightning Protection Design

Tank Insulation Design


WasteWater Treatment Project Equipment Supply

Pretreatment Equipment Resource Utilization System Sludge Treatment System Other Equipment

Mechanical Bar Screen

Solid-liquid Separator

Submersible Mixer

Gas Holder

Boiler System

Boost Fan

Biogas Generator

Torch System

Dehydration and Desulfurization Tank

PAM Integration Dosing Device

Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine

Slurry Separation Centrifuge

Sewage Pump

Mud Scraper

Submersible Sewage Pump

Three-phases Separator




Key Features of Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks:

Corrosion Resistance: The glass coating provides a protective barrier against corrosion, making the tanks ideal for storing various liquids, including potable water, wastewater, and industrial chemicals.

Durability: The fusion process creates a highly durable surface that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and the wear and tear of industrial use.

Low Maintenance: The smooth, non-porous glass surface prevents the buildup of residues and makes the tanks easy to clean and maintain.

Fast Installation with Minimal Disruption

One of the standout features of Center Enamel’s GFS Tanks is their fast installation. This is achieved through the modular design and precision engineering of our tanks.


Benefits of Fast Installation:

Reduced Downtime: Quick assembly and installation minimize operational downtime, allowing businesses to maintain productivity.

Cost Efficiency: Faster installation reduces labor costs and project timelines, resulting in significant cost savings.

Flexibility: The modular design allows for easy transportation and assembly on-site, even in challenging locations.

Double Membrane Roof for Enhanced Performance

Our GFS Tanks are equipped with Double Membrane Roofs, which provide additional benefits for storage applications.


Key Features of Double Membrane Roofs:

Gas Tight Seals: Ideal for biogas applications, the double membrane ensures gas-tight seals, preventing leakage and maximizing biogas collection.

Pressure Regulation: The roof design helps in regulating internal pressure, maintaining optimal conditions for anaerobic digestion and other processes.

Weather Resistance: The double membrane offers enhanced protection against weather elements, ensuring the integrity of the stored contents.

Applications in Various Industries

Center Enamel’s GFS Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries:


Biogas Storage: Efficiently storing biogas produced from anaerobic digestion processes, ensuring maximum gas capture and utilization.

Potable Water Storage: Providing safe and secure storage solutions for drinking water, meeting international quality standards.

Wastewater Treatment: Durable and corrosion-resistant tanks for storing and treating municipal and industrial wastewater.

Industrial Chemicals: Safe storage of various industrial chemicals, benefiting from the chemical resistance of the glass coating.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At Center Enamel, we are committed to delivering high-quality storage solutions through continuous innovation and adherence to the highest standards. Our GFS Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs are a testament to our dedication to excellence and our ability to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


Center Enamel’s Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs offer an efficient, durable, and cost-effective storage solution for various applications. With their fast installation, superior corrosion resistance, and enhanced performance features, these tanks are designed to meet the demands of modern industrial and municipal storage needs.


Center Enamel combines the excellent performance of various tanks to provide customers with solutions composed of diverse equipment combinations. This approach allows us to flexibly meet the needs and requirements of different application fields. Throughout the project construction process, the teams at Center Enamel collaborate closely, actively coordinate, and prioritize each step, conducting rigorous checks at every level to ensure the smooth completion of projects.


From being a leader in the Asian GFS tank industry to becoming a diversified environmental equipment smart manufacturer in China, Center Enamel utilizes crucial core technologies to continuously iterate and upgrade equipment in research and development. This drives the sustained high-quality development of the company in the face of new challenges. Leveraging existing brand advantages, technological strengths, and team capabilities, the company will continue to focus on cutting-edge industry technologies. Adhering to a diversified development strategy, Center Enamel aims to elevate environmental business to new heights while jointly creating a beautiful picture of green hills and clear waters.


For more information on how our GFS Tanks with Double Membrane Roofs can benefit your projects, contact Center Enamel today. Let us help you find the perfect storage solution that combines speed, efficiency, and long-term reliability.



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